Product Specifications : Rough Terrain Crane

QRY60 (60ton) Round boom Kessler axle, Cummins engine


Rough terrain crane is usually called as mobile crane. This is a kind of telescopic boom and swing type crane whcih travels with tyre type chassis. It is composed of the superstructure and undercarriage. The superstructure is the lifting part, composed of the telescopic boom, jib, main winch, aux. winch, luffing mechanism, counterweight, swivel table, etc. The undercarrage is composed of the suspension and walking part. The superstructure and the undercarriage are connected by the slewing bearing.

Main features:

1. Front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, four-wheel steering and cab steering, all-wheel drive, off-road performance, suitable for off-highway travel.

2. All operations can be extended outriggers, semi-stretch outriggers work, all reduced outriggers work, outriggers work and do not flight traffic load.

3. Suitable for narrow space travel and operations; small turning radius; strong maneuverability.

4. Safe and reliable control system, two-seats, all-directional lifting operation, greatly enhanced the ability of the front lifting operation.

5. The crane has good traffic-ability, dynamic performance and mobility, and is able to operate in every direction and travel while hoisting without outriggers. The product is widely used in heavy lifting operations, short-distance transfer, narrow-site lifting operations for construction sites, outdoor oilfields, warehouses, freight yards, logistics basses and other sites.

Safety device

Safety device includes torque limiter,swing table lock device,winch over-winding and over-relaxationprotect device,outrigger lock device,outrigger bidirectional hydraulic lock,Rear axle steering lock and rear wheel return detector,emergency steering power device,gradienter,hydraulic system overflow valve,balance valve.

1.Torque limiter
Detecting funtion:Detect the angle of the boomautomatically.

Display function: Show operating information such as actual load,handling radius,boom angle. Caution function:When the actual load exceeds rated lifting load,Torque limiter will give an alarm and stop the operation.

2.Swing table lock device

During the driving process,a plug device is used to connect the swing table and the carrier to keep the steering parts(swing table,boom)from swing caused by inertia.

3.Winch over-winding protect device

When the load reaches a certain height,torque limiter will stop the falling and indicating light on the instrumentation board will be on.

4.Winch over-relaxation protect device

When only 3 laps of rope is left on the winch,torque limiter will stop the falling and indicating light on the instrumentation board will be on.

5.Outrigger lock device

During the driving process,a plug device is used.By plugging the outrigger,the device deeps it from extending. 6.Outrigger bidirectional hydraulic lock

Outrigger bidirectional hydraulic lock is used to keep both horizontal and vertical cylinder form retractation.

7.Rear axle steering lock and rear wheel return detector

During the driving process,only front axle steering is needed and the rear should be returned aligned.For this reason a lock device is used and indicating light on the instrumentation board shows the status.

8. Emergency steering power device (emergency pump)

If there si an emergency that the engine can not be started,the crane can be dragged by other vehicles. The emergency pump is driven by battery and supplies power to power cylinder.


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