Product Specifications : Hydraulic crawler crane

Hydraulic crawler crane QUY150

QUY 150A is the first national full hydraulic crawler crane with unsurpassable maturity

Main components of power system and hydraulic system are imported from USA, Germany, etc.

Unique function of free fall, saves oil consumption and boosts work efficiency;

The easily damaged and consumable structural parts are self-made, .and special structure design by us makes maintenance more convenient.

Most part of whole crane adopts no-dust baked lacquer automatic assemble line painting.

Main compone nts adopt high-strength frame box jointing structure, light crane weight, small grounding pressure and big lifting moment.

Product Parameters

Working speed


(First layer) high60,low30

(sixth layer)high83,low41

Boom rise

(First layer)22x2

Boom lower

(First layer)22x2


High2.0, low1.0 r/min


High1.0, low 0.5 km/h


30% with basic boom and the cab in the rear

Rated power output and rotation speed of the diesel engine

Cummins M11-C310 231/2100

Weight of the machine

150.5 tong (with basic boom and the 150t hook block)

Ground pressure

0.093(with basic boom and 150t hook block)




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